Remote Site Construction

Our construction specialists assist clients in setting up operations in remote and challenging environments with logistical precision. Our core team has worked across multiple continents, terrains and harsh environments globally including the Middle East, Africa and Latin America.

We have constructed a wide-range of small to large-scale temporary and permanent accommodation facilities tailored to our client’s specifications and requirements.

Establishing presence and setting up operations in remote and underdeveloped areas can present challenging and often unseen circumstances. Our clients rely on Studebaker Mission Critical to provide creative and effective solutions in inhospitable places, remote locations, conflict zones and even hostile environments.

Our solutions are client specific and are based on unparalleled local knowledge and global outlook. We gather and provide actionable intelligence on the political and security risk, human terrain, demographics, health and environment; all factors which, when managed, will support a successful mission outcome or project objective.

We serve corporations, governments, NGOs and defense sector clients.

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Remote Site Services

Our remote site services division offers remote camp management, catering, security, laundry and cleaning services to military, disaster relief, as well as mining, oil and gas clients. We take care of your people so that they can focus on the work at hand and ensure optimal morale and productivity is maintained.

Through our Remote Site Services division, we aim to provide our clients with safe, secure and comfortable living conditions enabling them to perform at their productive best. We focus on providing bespoke and specialized services to cater to every need of our clientele.

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Logistical Operations

Our procurement and logistics solutions are unique in that we are skilled at managing highly complex procurement and logistics initiatives that include the movement of heavy, specialized and high-risk-high-value cargo for military, mining, oil and gas.

We thrive in logistics scenarios to isolated and complex locations and deliver items of a unique nature that require a team that are well versed in finding suitable workarounds to challenging circumstances.

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Disaster Response

Our team are experienced in responding to natural disasters such as hurricanes & tropical storms, tornadoes & severe storms, cyclones, wildfires, floods, earthquakes, and drought.

We offer services such as medical support, reconstruction and procurement and logistics services and work closely with governments, relief organizations and NGO’s.

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Medical Support

We excel in customized medical support operations in remote sites and challenging conditions. Our expert team of doctors, nursing and support staff has demonstrated success in high-risk environments and managing combat / field or disaster medical requirements. They are able to provide both first aid and primary care to the workforce in these situations with solutions that include Search & Rescue operations such as in the case of natural disasters.

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Personnel & Asset Security

Our security teams are specialized operatives in the fields of Protective Service Detail and PSD Training. They are experienced in areas of reconnaissance, surveillance and counter-surveillance, influence and counter-influence, narcoterrorism and critical infrastructure protection and risk management. Key members are former special forces or government agency representatives that have worked in high- risk areas or routes such as Combatting Narcoterrorism or Border Protection, as well as Hostage Rescue scenarios. This positions us to work in high-risk environments with a thorough understanding of the potential scenarios and risks that may jeopardize your people, your assets, or your mission / project.

We ensure that a plan is formulated that allows for effective and tactical implementation of the highest standard.

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