Studebaker Capital is the investment arm of Studebaker Defense Group. We invest in early-stage disruptive technologies that are of relevance to Aerospace and Defense, National Security and the Intelligence Community.

Pitch Applications

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If you are an early to mid-stage technology startup and has what it takes to be the future of the military and intelligence industry, then you should CONTACT US now. What we look for:

  1. Relevance:
  2. We invest in technology related to Aerospace & Defense and National Intelligence.

  3. Disruption:
  4. We are not interested in ‘yesterday’s news’. Engage with us if you believe that you ‘are the future’.

  5. Traction:
  6. You already have a minimum viable product with meaningful traction in product development and market penetration

  7. Team:
  8. for us it is all about your team’s background and dynamic. Engage with us if you have technology expertise, defense expertise, intelligence expertise, right culture, work ethic, and always assume that ‘all things are possible’.

  9. Exponential growth capability:
  10. We invest in startups that are serious about success and have potential for exponential growth and expansion. If your technology has what it takes to stand out from the crowd, attract attention of the market and investors, and has potential for IPO then we are ready to hear your pitch.