Cyber Overview

Studebaker Cyber combines our decades of cybersecurity, human intelligence, infiltration, information operations, and physical red-team intelligence, with world-class investment and finance expertise. We provide solutions and services, including skilled professionals, that plug some of the identified security gaps by deploying a scalable and well diversified cybersecurity platform.

We also invest in early-stage technologies focused on development of offensive and defensive cybersecurity solutions. Scaling these investments will build a pipeline of solutions to plug the security gaps that are created on a continuous basis as innovation and technological advancement continues.

We specialize in working with government and private sector in developing Cyber Simulation exercises that assist with scenario planning and that closes gaps prior to a potential attack.


We offer the following solutions:


  • Cyber Simulation
  • Ethical Hacking Programs
  • Cyber support for military and government programs
  • Research and development
  • Post-breach consultancy
  • Cyber security strategy development
  • Creation of Cyber Security Measures
  • Security gap analysis
    • Incident monitoring, alerting and response
    • Fraud management
    • Insider threat management
    • Disaster recovery and resilience coordination
    • Forensic investigations
  • Application security monitoring
  • Data Leakage Prevention


Private Sector Solutions
Private Sector Solutions

In an attempt to minimize exposure to risk, there is a growing trend by corporations to separate their external network from their enterprise network. Separation of systems and applications add a layer of protection...

Critical Infrastructure Solutions
Critical Infrastructure Solutions

Several key industries and also organizations managing critical infrastructure are becoming increasingly ‘connected’ which makes technology integration a necessity to survive.

Government and Military & Defense Solutions
Government and Military & Defense Solutions

Due to rising geopolitical tensions in regions such as the South China Sea, The Middle East, and Ukraine, the world is likely to experience a new wave of cyber-attacks. Many could be zero-day attacks, including some that may...




Operational Program Management
Operational Program Management

A vast majority of security threats can be countered using consistent discipline in the execution of baseline security controls, despite the mystique that often shrouds hackers and cyber espionage. This requires strategy and execution alignment and sound...

Team Recruitment
Team Recruitment

More than any other constraint, the availability of specialist resources determines the success and sustainability of all cybersecurity interventions. Studebaker Cyber team members are extensively involved in the development of academic...

Technology Architecture
Technology Architecture

The frequency, sophistication, persistence, and severity of cyber-attacks continue to increase at exponential rates. However, many technologies that until recently were considered the backbone of security architectures have now become obsolete...

Program Planning, Design and Leadership
Program Planning, Design and Leadership

Most organizations are aware of the strategic importance of cybersecurity in the hyper connected world of today. The threat landscape encompasses geopolitical cyber warfare, organized crime, malicious insiders...

Cyber Security Testing
Cyber Security Testing

All systems are prone to security threats of a digital or operational nature. Given the near unlimited resources, time, motivation, and expertise that threat actors have on their side, they only need to find and exploit...