Logistical Operations

Logistical Operations


Our procurement and logistics solutions are unique in that we are skilled at managing highly complex procurement and logistics initiatives that include the movement of heavy, specialized and high-risk-high-value cargo for military, mining, oil and gas.

We thrive in logistics scenarios to isolated and complex locations and deliver items of a unique nature that require a team that are well versed in finding suitable workarounds to challenging circumstances.

Logistics Operations

Logistics Operations

When engaging in missions or projects in remote and high-risk areas, clients may face unusual obstacles and challenges that are unique to the environment they are operating in. Studebaker Mission Critical specializes in such complex logistical operations that require actionable intelligence gathering, analysis, planning and control.

Our global footprint of assets provides a suitable foundation for effective and conclusive response to any circumstance that may arise. We utilize our relationships with regional and local networks, our partnerships with various agencies and organizations, and our expertise and experience across languages and cultures to provide a specialized logistical solution.

Serving the Defense, Mining, Oil & Gas Industries often involves the procurement and movement of large and heavy equipment or high value cargo. The shipment of these items requires a distinctive skill set, as well as permits, fly-over approvals or other international compliance requirements that ensure the items arrive in time to ensure mission or project success.

The logistics to remote sites which are often found in high-risk areas pose further risks that require a creative and coordinated approach. The environment may be characterized by unpaved roads (or no roads), no suitable living conditions, limited communication, or restricted movement in areas that are controlled by elements or forces outside of the client’s direct control.

Procurement and logistics service offering


  1. Heavy and specialized cargo for military operations, mining, oil & gas.
  2. High-risk, high value cargo that require reconnaissance and specialized security and intelligence gathering
  3. Hazardous and dangerous goods
  4. Personal security detail and asset protection
  5. International specialized permits and fly-over permissions
  6. Procurement of specialized items or large-scale consolidation for mission or project requirements

Additional services include:

  • Planning & management of complex logistical operations
  • Procurement & logistics to remote locations, including high-risk and conflict areas
  • Material consolidation, warehousing and distribution
  • Cold & bonded storage