Studebaker Aviation offers affordable aviation solutions with an international reach, including training, full-service maintenance programs, logistics, and state of the art modernization upgrades for all aviation platforms. Studebaker Aviation and its strategic partners understand that each country’s requirements are different and work non-stop to maximize their aviation resources and capabilities. Studebaker Aviation provides a full-service package of solutions that addresses the total aviation needs of a country, not just a partial fix to individual challenges.


Studebaker Capital is the investment arm of Studebaker Group. We invest in early-stage disruptive technologies that are of relevance to Aerospace and Defense, National Security and the Intelligence Community. Investment areas of interest include Cybersecurity, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence, Big Data (including data analytics and predictive analytics), Social Media Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Quantum Computing, Lidar Technologies, Autonomous and Un-Manned Vehicles, and Surveillance.



Studebaker Cyber combines our decades of cybersecurity, human intelligence, infiltration, information operations, and physical red-team intelligence, with world-class investment and finance expertise. We provide solutions and services, including skilled professionals, that plug some of the identified security gaps by deploying a scalable and well diversified cybersecurity platform. We also invest in early-stage technologies focused on development of offensive and defensive cybersecurity solutions. Scaling these investments will build a pipeline of solutions to plug the security gaps…


Studebaker Defense provides specialized operational training and defense and military related equipment and technologies to various legitimate governments. We specialize in operations and training for governments, clandestine services, special warfare personnel and Fortune 500 companies. Our expertise includes disciplines such as covert reconnaissance, infiltration…


The Studebaker Intelligence team is well versed in intelligence operations and training. Our focus spans across Systems, Human, Financial and Cyber intelligence solutions that include intelligence gathering and analysis, surveillance and covert operations, influence and counter-influence, narcoterrorism, counter-terrorism and insurgency.


At Studebaker Mission Critical we deliver solutions that are critical to operational success. We work with public and private sector clients (including non-profit organizations) to provide logistics solutions, remote site construction, remote site services, disaster relief, medical support, and personnel and asset security. We offer support and management in the most trying and difficult environments…


Studebaker Mobility’s focus is on investment in disruptive technologies that shall change the future of the automotive industry. The team invests its resources on Capital, Research, Development, and Innovation. Focus areas of investment include Connected Car, Autonomous Driving and Electric Vehicles. Additionally, we also invest in mobility technologies that have a Defense sector…


Our teams specialize in operations and training for multiple governments, clandestine services, special warfare personnel and Fortune 500 companies. Our staff and instructors have worked with numerous local and international law enforcement and military bodies in operations, projects and training initiatives related to anti-smuggling, anti-piracy, counter terrorism, hostage rescue, narco-terrorism, border control, and Private Security Detail.


Studebaker’s global footprint enables us to reach all environments and offer client-specific solutions to challenging missions and requirements as they arise. With name-partner companies in Brazil, UAE, and South Africa, Studebaker is aptly positioned to meet the demands of private and country-clients wherever they may be. Studebaker offers the finest acquisitions experts with critical relationships at the highest levels…

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