Remote Site Services

Remote Site Services


Our remote site services division offers remote camp management, catering, security, laundry and cleaning services to military, disaster relief, as well as mining, oil and gas clients. We take care of your people so that they can focus on the work at hand and ensure optimal morale and productivity is maintained.

Through our Remote Site Services division, we aim to provide our clients with safe, secure and comfortable living conditions enabling them to perform at their productive best. We focus on providing bespoke and specialized services to cater to every need of our clientele.

Remote Site Services

Military & Defense Solution Offering

Our specialized service teams are experienced in management and operations of camps in remote location, including forward-operating bases for defense and military contracts. Our robust and technologically advanced security products ensure a high level of safety even in the most remote and high-risk / conflict locations.

Natural Disaster Solution Offering

For our Governments, Relief Organizations and NGO clients we provide unparalleled services required for disaster response & management. Our solutions include advanced medical support, catering services, food and potable water provision, power supply management, machinery and rental equipment, project office and temporary camp establishment, and where necessary – the provision of catering services for project staff.

Mining, Oil & Gas Solution Offering

We understand the intricacies involved in creating and maintaining a happy workforce. Our services cater to the needs of individuals and corporations alike and includes considerations for special dietary requirements, regional food availability and menu selection while still complying with international food health and safety standards, as well as the budgetary requirements of the client. Our integrated service offering includes maintenance, catering, security, waste management, food services, power provision, wellness, medical facilities and more.

Services include:

  1. Remote Site Camp Management
  2. Remote Site Catering Services
  3. Remote Site Laundry Services
  4. Remote Site Camp Maintenance
  5. Remote Site Fuel / Power provision and management (includes procurement and logistics of generators, fuel, fuel storage facilities, and where necessary connection to main infrastructure)
  6. Remote Site Camp Security (including security of assets and personnel)
  7. Security in-transit for assets and personnel, including traveling or trade through high-risk areas (such as those managed by rebel groups or drug syndicates).
  8. Procurement & logistics, including food, water and other consumables, Furniture, Fit-out & Equipment (FF&E) including linen, cutlery, etc.
  9. Remote Site Pest Control
  10. Provision of fuel and power requirements
  11. Personal Service Detail for executive or ‘key-man’ staff protection, as well as PSD Training to clients own security force or PSD Awareness Training to staff & Executives