Private Sector Services

Private Sector Services

Studebaker Risk offers effective solutions to unique client requirements. We work with Fortune 500 and other private clients in need of specialized services that go beyond the norm. Our teams of experts in the fields of technology, intelligence, military, security, and finance offers deep analysis, investigation, and intelligence for solutions to challenging circumstances in any region or environment.

Our Private Sector Solutions

The Studebaker Risk team supports legal counsel and prosecutors by contributing to the development of a successful strategy. We apply a broad spectrum of pointed assets that rapidly assist in the collation and analysis of critical information, enabling a swift and thorough understanding of the client’s position.

We perform due diligence on litigants and witnesses via discreet source enquiries and assist in locating supporting witnesses, providing a full spectrum service of the available evidence.

We have established a global pool of assets and resources that enables quick response to the evidence trail wherever it leads.

Our team provides deep investigation services into the tracking of company assets. Our range of GPS, internet or satellite communications-based systems provides over the horizon (OTH) real-time tracking and logging for extended durations and is supported by a team that is experienced in high-risk, high-value asset protection operations.

The more advanced systems are capable of operating as a radio direction finding beacon aiding recovery if necessary.

 “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles” Tzun Tzu

By harnessing our intelligence gathering proficiencies we are able to assemble a composite portfolio via a deep analysis of key executives within your organization, as well as the strategy and Modus Operandi of potential rivals.

We identify and mitigate potential areas of risk to your organization that are in direct or indirect conflict to your business needs.

Maintaining a competitive advantage requires the persistent monitoring and evaluation of up to date and constantly changing information.

At Studebaker Risk, we provide our clients with an accurate and complete analysis of the business environment and provide key information related to projects and environments of a strategic nature.

Our approach identifies both risks and opportunities and allows decision makers the ability to appraise, analyze and respond quickly and effectively.

Our approach to Intelligence based Business Development follows a process of collecting, integrating and analyzing raw data in order to present the client with information (historical, current and predictive) upon which informed business decisions can be made.

Our solutions aim to improve the probability of conversion and success by providing actionable intelligence. This allows our clients to directly target strategic areas of interest throughout the Business Development Lifecycle and furthermore to allocate resources in an effective and efficient manner.

A thorough and effective threat assessment requires an in-depth analysis of a company’s position from a multitude of perspectives.

Our team will identify areas of vulnerability, compile a report clearly outlining the findings and develop a solution for implementation.

We review a company’s physical security position to ensure safety from outside threats (includes areas of critical infrastructure), the internal position with regard to workplace violence, theft of both money and intellectual property (corporate espionage), we also ensure the company’s cyber position meets the industry’s best practices and that your staff know how to respond to any incidents occurring at your facilities.

Our services include the review of travel destinations of key executives to ensure that they are protected while traveling, as well as the logistics plans and routes of key assets and materials. For strategic projects, this service may include intelligence operatives and personal protection detail on the ground, in local or foreign destinations.

Using social science disciplines such as anthropology, sociology, political science, regional studies, and linguistics we are able to provide our clients with a thorough understanding of the local population (human terrain) and aid in the development of intelligence that serves as your guide in strategy development, expansion and operational planning.

This service is relevant for our clients that are expanding into new regions or continents which may include high-risk or high-threat environments that require specialized reconnaissance and intelligence gathering.  Our teams are experienced in working in challenging environments that include areas active in Narcoterrorism, drug trade and human trafficking.

We equip the Directors and executives of your organization with key information required to make wise decisions and furthermore provide the active protection you require to mitigate potential risks.

Our service incorporates solutions to factors that may usually be outside of your area of expertise or control, such as the protection of personnel and assets in high-risk areas, as well as the effective planning of logistics through areas and routs of concern.

Our team of cybersecurity specialists work with clients to identify and analyze your environment and to guard against a potential threat of attack. We are skilled in Cyber Simulation exercises that assist our clients with scenario planning that closes gaps prior to a potential attack.

Multiple / concurrent disasters or attacks are exponentially more damaging to business continuity. Helping our clients plan for multiple events allows for more resilience.

Our services include an analysis and mitigation of both cyber, as well as physical areas of risk that incorporates critical infrastructure, supply and logistics and strategic projects or business verticals.

Our cyber teams have assisted clients in the areas of unified threat management, AI, network security, security information and event management (SIEM), endpoint security, identity management, data security, application security, mobile security, email security, surveillance and behavioral analytics, cloud security, managed security services and post-breach consultancy services.