Personnel & Asset Protection

Personnel & Asset Protection


Our security teams are specialized operatives in the fields of Protective Service Detail and PSD Training. They are experienced in areas of reconnaissance, surveillance and counter-surveillance, influence and counter-influence, narcoterrorism and critical infrastructure protection and risk management. Key members are former special forces or government agency representatives that have worked in high- risk areas or routes such as Combatting Narcoterrorism or Border Protection, as well as Hostage Rescue scenarios. This positions us to work in high-risk environments with a thorough understanding of the potential scenarios and risks that may jeopardize your people, your assets, or your mission / project.

We ensure that a plan is formulated that allows for effective and tactical implementation of the highest standard.

Personnel & Asset Protection

Personal Security Detail (PSD)

The Studebaker Defense Group team are experienced in providing Protective Service Detail to government officials, dignitaries and corporate executives from multiple countries and in numerous locations and have furthermore provided extensive security & risk advisory services to Government, State Departments, and Fortune 500 companies.

Our executive and operational staff draw from their experiences in the Intelligence Community, Special Forces and Law Enforcement to provide realistic solutions tailored to client-specific needs and have operated in numerous countries and trained multiple international law enforcement bodies, including SWAT, Naval Special Warfare Personnel, Coast Guard, and Border Control. Our key staff have consulted in remote and high-risk locations such as areas linked to narcoterrorism and human trafficking.

Personnel and asset security solution offering:

  1. Security & Risk Advisory
  2. Specialized reconnaissance & gathering of actionable intelligence
  3. Protective Service Detail (PSD)
  4. Trade route analysis & reconnaissance
  5. High-value, high-risk asset protection and logistics management
  6. Critical infrastructure risk analysis and protection
  7. Training related to Protective Service Detail (PSD), remote site security, critical infrastructure protection, combatting human trafficking, narcoterrorism, and counter-terrorism.
  8. Planning & supervising of high-risk international projects
  9. Hostile Environment Familiarization Training and Advanced Tactical Operations
  10. Hostage rescue scenarios and hostage rescue training