Political Advice & Support

Political Advice & Support


The art of good politics, along with good governance, are critical keystones to the integrity of the state, and its ability to maintain and expand its stability and influence. It is the failure of politics and governance that result in fragile or failed states. In a democracy, the aim of the political campaign is to secure victory for a specific candidate or party. It must remain voter-focussed, and orientated at gaining and maintaining maximum popular political support.

Political support, in turn, is based on voter perception, and the belief that the voices of the voters will be respected. Good politics along with good governance enables the people to live and work in safe and secure environments, thereby enabling them to make positive contributions towards the development of both themselves and the state.

Advice and Services

Our political specialists have successfully advised and supported democratic governments with:

  1. Political advice
  2. Election campaign strategies
  3. Strategic political communication
  4. The development of national strategies
  5. The development of national security strategies
  6. Improving and expanding the integrity and stability of the State
  7. Improving the efficiency of governments
  8. Improving domestic and regional perceptions
  9. International lobbying
  10. ‘Backdoor diplomacy’ and other political necessities.


The Studebaker Group works very closely with its government clients to ensure that the client’s political objectives and goals are met.

Provided Protective Service Details (PSD) for Foreign Commonwealth officials serving overseas in W. Africa and have provided PSD for dignitaries travelling within Europe.

Protective Service Details for Foreign Commonwealth officials serving overseas in S. America.

Protective Service Details and Static Security for Technology partner under NDA traveling to and from South America

PSD and Static Security for corporate clients (including clients from mining, oil & gas industries), traveling to and from South America