Remote Site Construction

Remote Site Construction


Our construction specialists assist clients in setting up operations in remote and challenging environments with logistical precision. Our core team has worked across multiple continents, terrains and harsh environments globally including the Middle East, Africa and Latin America.

We have constructed a wide-range of small to large-scale temporary and permanent accommodation facilities tailored to our client’s specifications and requirements.

Establishing presence and setting up operations in remote and underdeveloped areas can present challenging and often unseen circumstances. Our clients rely on Studebaker Mission Critical to provide creative and effective solutions in inhospitable places, remote locations, conflict zones and even hostile environments.

Our solutions are client specific and are based on unparalleled local knowledge and global outlook. We gather and provide actionable intelligence on the political and security risk, human terrain, demographics, health and environment; all factors which, when managed, will support a successful mission outcome or project objective.

We serve corporations, governments, NGOs and defense sector clients.

Remote Site Construction

Military & Defense Solution Offering

Our Defense Sector offering includes construction, services and security for turn-key forward-operating bases for military operations and incorporates the provision of accommodation facilities, furniture and equipment supplies, food and other consumables (including MRE’s where required). Studebaker Mission Critical, in alignment with its parent company Studebaker Defense Group are equipped to manage complex logistics projects that include the movement and establishment of military and other equipment required in the field.

Natural Disaster Solution Offering

Studebaker Mission Critical works with Governments, Relief Organizations and NGO’s that fund natural disaster response. Our team provides support for humanitarian efforts globally. We provide recovery services, restoration of infrastructure, on-site support, provision of medical, food and water supplies, temporary & custom shelters, and portable tankers, among others. Our teams are experienced in rebuild projects for government and private sector; projects that include post disaster construction and remedial work on air force and military bases.

Mining, Oil & Gas Solution Offering

Our Mining, Oil & Gas sector clients operate certain projects in extreme environments, with tough conditions for sustained human activity. We partner with them to provide customized construction of workforce accommodation facilities, recreation facilities, dining facilities, kitchen facilities, and medical facilities. The focus is on remote and inaccessible sites, where there are large oil and gas finds and an influx of large volumes of workers in areas with little or no infrastructure.

Our design and construction solutions are of the highest standard, on schedule and within budget. Our team has construction and construction management experience across challenging environments globally including the Middle East, Africa and Latin America.

Services offered by Studebaker Mission Critical include

  1. Camp design
  2. Engineering design and approvals
  3. Material procurement & logistics
  4. Site clearing
  5. Fencing, perimeter control and security
  6. Temporary camp construction
  7. Permanent camp construction
  8. Project management
  9. Provision of Furniture, Fit-out and Equipment (FF&E)
  10. Procurement & logistics of all construction material, FF&E and other consumables