Financial Crime Services

Financial Crime Services

Our financial intelligence offering is designed to combat money laundering, fraud and terrorist financing and establishes security measures by proactively monitoring, identifying and reviewing suspicious patterns and risks.

Our financial crime team is experienced in deep analysis of complex financial transactions and provide solutions that monitor, detect, analyze, and combat multiple threats / events.

Our Financial Crime Solutions

Companies are now faced with new, more sophisticated and complex anti-bribery and corruption legislation that include compliance with the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, 1977 (FCPA) and the UK Bribery Act, 2010.

Compliance with these legislations and the mitigation of any associated risk has become a forefront issue being faced by companies both in their local markets and globally. Studebaker Intelligence’s financial crime team has strong connections with companies and government agencies globally which positions us to identify and provide solutions for finance challenges such as facilitation of payments, domestic bribery, and corruption of foreign public officials.

Services offered:

  • Enhanced due diligence, deep analysis and investigation to combat financial crime, bribery or corruption
  • Critical inspection and investigation of directors, partners, suppliers, staff & associates
  • Infiltration and analysis of special projects and programs, including cross-border expansion initiatives

White-collar crimes are becoming increasingly sophisticated due to technological advancements in an ever-changing business landscape. Consulting that incorporates an anti-fraud framework and forensic accounting to identify internal fraud and litigation is in high demand.

Our team specialize in providing solutions for conducting deep due diligence and risk management to government agencies, Fortune 500 companies, and other corporates. We provide intelligence solutions on a wide array of fraudulent activities including employee misconduct and other third-party frauds (vendor, shared service providers, customers etc.).

We provide services to government agencies to investigate various criminal frauds such as identity theft, securities fraud, insurance fraud, embezzlement, bankruptcy fraud etc.

Services offered:

  • Use of data forensics to identify and collect both direct and circumstantial evidence, determine the extent of the fraud and provide information that assists in framing a litigation strategy
  • Providing guidance to attorneys to enable them to tackle litigation by presenting financial investigation data in a clear, concise and strategic manner.
  • Infiltration and deep due diligence

An increase in financial crime globally requires a collective approach between the public and private sector. Studebaker Intelligence’s teams have worked with both government and the private sector and operated in remote and challenging environments linked to combatting financial crime.

We provide a unique offering that includes infiltration in high risk environments, information gathering and analysis. Studebaker Intelligence’s global network of investigators specialize in detecting illicit transactions and are skilled in identifying a trail for funds linked to the proceeds of crime, including transactions related to Narcoterrorism, Proliferation of WMDs, Trafficking in Arms, Human Trafficking, Terrorist Financing and other areas of concern to National Security.

Services offered:

  • Developing customized solutions for screening against sanctions and government watch lists, review of public records, courts & regulatory agencies and any other available local human intelligence and source inquiries.
  • Assessment of sanctions exposure
  • Investigation of transactions to provide analysis and mapping of money-flows at each of the 3 layers of AML – placement, layering, integration; identifying terror financing
  • Tracking assets across multiple countries and various offshore financial centers
  • Link analysis and understanding of multiplicity and interconnectedness of transactions and parties involved in transactions.

We offer specialized custom investigative due diligence solutions to clients who need ‘below the surface’ level analysis. This is particularly useful in scenarios where clients plan to undertake projects with large implications – both financial and operational.

Our investigative team consists of highly qualified specialists, including agency operatives and researchers. We have the unique capability to infiltrate numerous environments globally.

Services offered:

Investigation into key individuals

  • Investigation into any existing civil and criminal liabilities
  • Deep-dive into financial history, media presence and any other reputation related information
  • Identifying, locating and interviewing potential witnesses for litigations

Corporate Investigation

  • Assessment of Potential Vendors, Suppliers or Competitors
  • Evaluation of Potential Clients
  • M&A due diligence

Financial Investigation

  • Use of forensic accounting, enhanced data mining and human intelligence to identify fraud, money laundering and any other information related to financial crime
  • Cross-border and multi-jurisdictional projects