Prospective Investors

The Studebaker Capital team has worked globally with national security, military and law enforcement bodies, technology leaders, mobility firms,  and financial institutions, and are experienced in early-stage technology investments that are the future of the industry.

We understand that the vast majority of startup organizations fail. It is for this reason that we choose to model our investments on the ones that do succeed. We believe that everything is by design and that nothing is by chance and focus on creating predictable outcomes. We therefore choose to invest in early-stage technology investments where we can directly contribute to the company growth and positioning for success.

A few things we look for:

  1. A diversified investment portfolio
  2. A great technology backed by an even greater team
  3. Proven initial meaningful traction, with potential for creating competitive barriers to entry
  4. Technology disruption. We intend to change the playing field by investing in those technologies that do things differently and challenge the status quo
  5. A clear vision, financial roadmap, and a business and revenue model that provides multiple opportunities and layers for monetization and value creation
  6. An opportunity for exponential growth and returns with IPO as potential exit

We believe that fresh capital is the lifeblood of any business and creates opportunity for growth, expansion and ramping-up the business valuation. For this reason, we only engage with founders of technology companies that understand the value of a clear capital raising strategy in creating exponential and accelerated growth and returns.

We begin with the end in mind and reverse engineer to present day with increased visibility and clarity for all founders, investors, and stakeholders. We implement industry best practice tools and methodologies which brings purpose and lucidity to the future of the business: a business that has defined its IPO journey with a clear Financial Roadmap (FRM), its Shareholder Dilution Path, Funds Raised, Investor and Founder Returns and Return Multiples, Pre and Post Money Target Valuations, and Management KPI’s.

Should a startup pass the initial investment mandate and criteria, they secure access to a global network of resources which include synergies between capital, human, and technology assets that position them as a global player in the defense and intelligence industries.

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