Willie Scholtz


Willie has vast technology and general business experience. He worked for IBM for 23-years in various technical, systems engineering, marketing and business transformation positions before joining the executive management team. He served in numerous executive positions including that of managing director of IBM South Africa. During his time at IBM, Willie mainly worked in South Africa, but also spent time with IBM international centers and corporate head offices in Europe and the United States.

After a personal meeting with Nelson Mandela in 1996, Willie was invited to head up a joint crime combatting initiative between the South African government and senior business leaders. Willie resigned from IBM and became the first CEO of Business Against Crime South Africa in early 1997. One of his focus areas was the end-to-end transformation of the South African criminal justice system at a national, provincial, and local level. This involved the strategic realignment and integration of all criminal justice stakeholders, such as police investigation, forensic services, prosecution, adjudication, and incarceration.

After completing his committed five-year term at Business Against Crime, Willie joined a major South African bank as part of the top leadership team. During this time Willie was executive head of national banking and technology operations as well as group program management. After six years with the banking group and on request of Business Leadership South Africa, Willie was assigned to lead a joint national government and business program, a position he held until September 2018.

Parallel to his main employment, Willie also served on several company boards as a non-executive director and member of several governance committees.