The Studebaker Capital team views Blockchain as a key area of investment. The major players in intelligence and defense are likely to have a blockchain product or solution within the next 3 years with numerous technological applications including organized military supply chains, development of swarm drone technology and securing networks from cyber-attack. Developments of artificial intelligence and other technologies are however crucial and required to unlock the key benefits of blockchain for intelligence and defense companies.

Defense supply chain improvements utilizing Blockchain includes managing vehicle inventories, fuel, travel routes, payloads and servicing of vehicles or aircraft. Further benefits being explored involve the tracking of spares and parts, and their movements through the blockchain ledger in order to improve the servicing and delivery process. A secure and efficient supply chain system enhanced by blockchain can assist in managing equipment and military forces in various scenarios and environments and simultaneously track their movements, actions and battlefield requirements.

The next evolution for military drones and autonomous vehicles will see vehicles operating in unison to effectively ‘swarm’ targets. This technology is being explored by major defense companies with variations of miniature and traditionally sized vehicles and unmanned aircraft systems. These tactics have significant strategic potential to overwhelm and destroy enemy targets.

A decentralized blockchain platform is required to ledger and coordinate the movement of multiple vehicles in a single-unified movement. This will allow small teams of operatives or even a single operative to control a major offensive movement. Blockchain is also an important technology in financial applications. It acts as a decentralized ledger with a unique fingerprint which makes it near impossible to manipulate and assists in limiting the potential for financial crime.

Studebaker Capital engages with early-stage technology companies that develop Blockchain solutions, more specifically solutions with integration to artificial intelligence capability