Logistics Operations

Logistics Operations

Clients who engage in missions or projects in remote and high-risk areas face unpredictable obstacles and challenges that are unique to the environments they operate in. The Studebaker Defense Group provides specialized logistical services for clients in complex and high-risk operational environments. These services are based on the gathering of actionable intelligence, the analysis thereof, and subsequent implementation of ongoing planning and control mechanisms.

We procure and move large, heavy and high value equipment and cargo. Shipments of this nature require special permits, fly-over approvals, and must adhere to international compliance regulations. Studebaker Defense Group is uniquely skilled, experienced, and positioned to fulfil these requirements.

The logistical services we provide involve deliveries to remote locations and high-risk areas which require a creative and coordinated approach.

Our procurement and logistics service offerings include:

  1. Procurement of specialized items and the warehousing, consolidation and distribution of large-scale cargo shipments from different sources and locations.
  2. Movement of heavy, high-risk, high value and specialized cargo that may include hazardous and dangerous goods.
  3. Securing international specialized permits and fly-over permissions.
  4. Procuring and moving humanitarian aid cargo and management of large-scale humanitarian relief logistics operations.